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Monday, 3 April 2017

Vote for UAP National President!

My Dear Colleagues and Fellow Architects,


Today, more than anytime in history, Architecture as a profession is at a critical juncture in its’ role as the ‘Prime Profession in the Built Environment.’  The dawn of globalization and the ever changing dynamics of our practice pose definite challenges that, if not immediately addressed, will result in the further regression of the Architectural Profession.

It is therefore imperative for UAP, in its role as the Primary Guardian and Protector of All Filipino Architects, to be ever vigilant and steadfast, not only in setting the course and direction for the practice, but determined in its purpose.  Aware of pressing challenges we now face, it must focus on the service necessary to fulfil its mandate today, the near future and for many years to come.  All these will require a leader that, not only possess a determined vision and dedication to lead, but must also have the wisdom, guided by intellect and experience to navigate through these complex, turbulent waves of change.

This realization, having served the UAP for almost 20 years, has compelled my sense of duty to once again endeavour in the opportunity to serve the organization and the profession I love.  I therefore ask for your support for the position of UAP National President. Together with my team members: Domingo Ll. Tablizo Jr. for NEVP, Chona E. Ponce for SecGen, Pamela N. Amador for NTreasurer and Cesar Eldred I. Tan for NAuditor, we will endeavour to always deliver a pro-active, responsive, substantive and service-oriented governance, collective in addressing the issues and challenges that beset our profession.

"Substance in Service: Defining the Profession and Enriching the Practice" will be our battle cry.

Substance in every action and programs will be the mark of our service.  Actionable, Doable, Realistic and True results will be our objective.

Defining the Profession starts from realizing that the world is changing and our profession is evolving with it.  Definite and dynamic programs to ensure Public, Government and other professions recognition, regard and respect to our profession, here and abroad.

Enriching the Practice will require programs that will be the catalyst for all architects to be pro-active in the development of their individual professional growth, and collective in ensuring a strong, vibrant and competitive Architectural profession in the global stage.

With steadfast commitment and love for the architecture profession, I look forward to working with you in bringing our profession to the next level. Attached herewith is our INITIAL program of action (see Annex).

Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Filipino!

Rey S. Gabitan, uap, piep

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