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History and Theory of Architecture Quiz

Here is a sample quiz for History of Architecture (see scope of subject below this post) which is given in the morning of Day 1 of the Architects Licensure Examination. Try this quiz as part of your review.

There are 15 questions in this Quiz. You may repeat the quiz by refreshing your browser and different questions will appear.. Enjoy!!!

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A. Rationale and Description

1. Understanding and analyses of architectural manifestations from the beginning of civilization to contemporary periods of development; and
2. Understanding and analyses of the influences of environmental, historical and socio-cultural factors and their relevance to the development of art, buildings, structures and of human settlements.

B. Terminal Competencies for LEA Candidates

1. Ability to relate the history of arts and architecture as well as the technologies and human sciences to considerations of ecology and sustainable development;
2. Ability to identify/ differentiate, analyze and compare evolved architectural styles; 
3. Ability to relate past architectural styles to the development of present-day utility and construction systems/ technologies;
4. Ability to help reinforce culture and architecture as reflected in tradition, convention and/ or current practices;
5. Ability to utilize insights in the history of the human community/ settlements planning and design, with special emphasis on Asian structures/ buildings/ settlements;
6. Ability to relate the evolution of Philippine architecture to historical and present-day architecture in Asia and elsewhere.

C. Scope

1.. Introduction

a. The origin of architecture;
b. Historic styles of architecture; and
c. Factors affecting architectural solutions and styles.

2. Pre-Historic Architecture
a. Centers of development; and
b. Dolmen, Menhir, Cromlech. 

3. Historic Styles of Architecture
a. Period/ extent and centers of development;
b. Factors that affect the development of architectural solutions and styles (historical, environmental and socio-cultural);
c. General characteristics (architectural, structural, decorative, etc.);
d. General contributions; and
e. Notable examples.

3.1 Ancient architecture and the Western succession
a. Egyptian;
b. West Asiatic;
c. Greek;
d. Roman;
e. Early Christian;
f. Byzantine;
g. Romanesque Architecture in Europe;
h. Gothic Architecture in Europe;
i. Renaissance Architecture in Europe;
j. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century in Great Britain;
k. Architecture of Africa, Australia and New Zealand;
1. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture in Continental Europe; and
m. Architecture of the Americas.

3.2 Architecture in Asia and the Pacific Region

3.3 Architecture in the Philippines

a. Architectural legacies
a.1 Vernacular,  Folk and Pre-Spanish Architecture (before 1550 A.D.);
a.2 Spanish Colonial Architecture (1550-1899 A.D.);
a.3 American Colonial Architecture (1900-1945);
a.4 Architecture of the Commonwealth Period and of the Post-World War II period (1946-2000); and 
a.5 21st Century Philippine Architecture (2001 to present).

b. Architectural preservation, conservation and restoration

c. Pillars of Philippine Architecture
c.1 Philosophies of Famous Filipino Architects; and
c.2 Examples of great works.

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  1. That was a tricky question on Roman Architect of the Greek temple of Zeus, ^^


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