The UAP Career Development Center was launched to augment the existing resources of those providing preparatory courses for aspiring Architects who are planning to take the board licensure examinations to become full-fledged professionals.

The Center aims to offer basic courses as outlined in the syllabi for the licensure exam as prescribed by the PRBoA, i.e: Professional Practice, Building Laws, Building Materials and Methods of Construction, History and Theory, Planning, Tropical Design, Green Architecture, etc. Architectural Design Courses will include design strategies for different building types as well as familiarity with Rules 7 & 8 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Building Code.

Innovations will be introduced in the program in the form of study tours on the following: Lighting Application Center -to determine the different lighting systems and its effects on surfaces; a Sanitary System Laboratory - to familiarize the students with different piping materials and connections; an Electrical Laboratory-to understand practical electrical fittings, fixtures, and connections. A possible inclusion would be a visit to an on-going construction site- to help those who do not have much exposure to site activities- to really understand how buildings are being constructed. Lectures will be given during the course of the tour touching on the different aspects of construction.

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