Friday, 12 August 2011

UAP wins prestigious 2011 PRC's Most Outstanding APO Award

FOR THE FOURTH TIME, the United Architects of the Philippines has been awarded the 2011 Professional Regulation Commission’s Most Outstanding Accredited Professional Organization (APO) last June 22, 2011 at the Fiesta Pavillion, Manila Hotel during the celebration of the 38th PRC Founding Anniversary. UAP is the first and only APO to receive the Most Outstanding APO Award for the fourth time (Years 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2011) in the award's eighteen-year history.

On winning the 2011 Most Outstanding APO award, UAP National President Arch. Ramon S. Mendoza said, "UAP is indeed honored to receive this prestigious national award that recognizes the dedication and commitment of the administration in building a prime professional organization of architects, a community that accommodates different views and allows diverse talents to flourish. While this award marks a significant milestone in our journey towards professional excellence, it is not the end of our quest for continuous improvements. The 2011 Most Outstanding APO Award will spur us to reach for greater heights."

NP Mon Mendoza said that the award will “engender a spirit of adventure and encourage each of us to strike out with confidence and our unrelenting quest for excellence in the virtuous circle of creating, imparting and applying knowledge”.

The Most Outstanding APO Award, the highest award that could be conferred upon an accredited professional organization by the PRC which is the central agency of the government charged with the licensing and regulation of professionals and the professions as well as the APOs, is presented annually to recognize the achievements, services and commitment of the APO to the profession.

UAP bested other professional organizations based on the following criteria set by the Commission for the 2011 Most Outstanding APO: (1) Leadership and initiative in participating in PRC activities and/or PRC sponsored programs/activities; (2) Quality of performance of service of nominees appointed to the Regulatory Boards in terms of validity and reliability of test questions prepared and asked in the licensure examinations, participation in other regulatory functions and in PRC programs, projects, and activities; (3) Quality and relevance of CPE programs administered and implemented by the organizations; (4) Significant achievements as a corporate body (a) in attaining the objectives of the organization, (b) in the enhancement of the welfare of its members in terms of placement and of assistance in the practice of the profession, and (c) in the enhancement of the stature/prestige of the profession; (5) Effective discharge of the profession’s social responsibility through meaningful participation in socio-related activities; (6) Relationship of the officers and members of the APO with officers and members of the other registered professional organizations in the same profession in terms of camaraderie, fellowship, cooperation in national programs and activities of the professions; (7) Leadership and initiative in undertaking programs, projects and activities related or unrelated to the practice of the profession, as well as improvement and/or contribution to the solution of problems affecting the profession, which redound to the benefit of its members and to the community/country in general; (8) Healthy relationship with the PRC and the Professional Regulatory Board concerned in terms of cooperation and coordination; (9) Smooth turn-over of duties and responsibilities of outgoing, to newly-elected and inducted officers of the organization, through peaceful and orderly elections, and initiative and leadership in the integration of all professionals into one organization; (10) Sponsorship of international conventions, conferences, workshops, symposia, and other similar gatherings of professionals; (11) Regular publication of news bulletin and technical journals and submission of annual reports (financial and operations) to PRC and SEC, and (12) Acquisition of own building and maintenance of the financial solvency of the association.

The recipients of the PRC's Most Outstanding Accredited Professional Organization are as follows: (1994) Philippine Pharmaceutical Association of the Philippines; (1995) Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants; (1996) The Nutritionists-Dietitians Association of the Philippines; (1997) Philippine Dental Association; (1998) Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers; (1999) Philippine Medical Association; (2000) Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines; (2001) Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers; (2002) United Architects of the Philippines; (2003) Philippine Nurses Association; (2004) Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines; (2005) Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants; (2006) Philippine Dental Association; (2007) United Architects of the Philippines; (2008) United Architects of the Philippines, (2009) Philippine Medical Association; (2010) Philippine Medical Association; (2011) United Architects of the Philippines

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