Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BldgLaws Quiz 1 - National Building Code

Here is a sample quiz for Building Laws (National Building Code of the Philippines - NBCP) which is given in the morning of Day 1 as well as in Day 2 (Design Exam) of the Architects Licensure Examination. Try this quizzes as part of your review.

There are 25 questions in this Quiz. You may repeat the quiz by refreshing your browser and different questions will appear.. Enjoy!!!

Password: atlascped

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  1. sir rey,

    bkt po ganun minsan ngloloko ung correct answers? pacheck po tnx, inscreenshot ko po.

  2. Tama naman ung Group A dwellings ay 200:200 riser and step. Pls see NBCP.

  3. uu nga tnx, nkakalito iba pala sa group A. at sa design standard na 200:250 , tnx po sir

  4. i think propane, butane gas etc. pipe should be orange not green. thanks

    1. oo nga po,,bakit parehas sila nung cold & distilled water, din...? ;(


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