Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Teaching architecture to civil engineering students

This letter of the PRBoA to the CODHASP has circulated in many facebook accounts pertaining to the teaching of architecture subjects to engineering students.

Excerpts from the letter dated 15 August 2012 are as follows:

Over the past 1.5 months, the PRBoA was asked thrice as to whether registered and licensed architects (RLAs) teaching in schools of architecture can also teach architecture subjects to civil engineering (CE) students?

The PRBoA position response/ position is absolutely not. The law forbids it. Sec. 23 (d) of R.A. No. 9266 states:

SECTION 23. Suspension and Revocation of Certificates of Registration, Professional Identification Card or the Special/ Temporary Permit. - The Board shall have the power, upon notice and hearing, to suspend or revoke the validity of a Certificate of Registration/ Professional Identification Card, xxx granted under this Act to an architect xxx or for any cause specified hereunder: xxx if he/she: xxx

(d) has aided or abetted in the practice of architecture any person not duly authorized to practice architecture in the Philippines;” xxx (stress and underscoring supplied)

RLAs teaching architecture subjects to civil engineering (CE) students therefore run the risk of having their registration and licensed to practice architecture in the Ph suspended or revoked.

Please cause the dissemination of this communication to all CODHASP members and their schools, particularly schools where the B.S. Architecture Program is offered under engineering colleges/ institutes. The PRBoA encourages everyone to promptly report to the PRBoA cases of RLAs teaching CE students so that the proper administrative charges can be filed at the PRC against such RLAs.

The above letter may be pertaining to building design and engineering drafting subjects. The building design may be construed as architectural design but looking at the engineering curriculum as mandated by the CMO on engineering, the building design subject description is focused on construction and not on architectural design.

Maybe the CODHASP can make a clarificatory statement on this.

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