Friday, 20 January 2012

Letter of UAP to Congress

Here's the full text of the letter sent to Congress recently with regards to the pending CE Bills in Congress:

January 18, 2012

Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulations
15th Congress House of Representatives
Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1126

Dear Honorable Salvacion:

            Good day and our warmest greetings to the 15th Congress Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulations (CCCSPR) members.

            This pertains to the concluded 15th CCCSPR Hearing held on September 26, 2011 Monday at 9:30 Room 1 & 2 Ramon V Mitra (RVM) Building. The four (4) House Bills 4071; 2200; 2797 and 4456 were unanimously approved even with the PRC representative wanting to submit a PRC Position Paper. The CCCSPR has been instructed to consolidate the four (4) HBs into one and its format and style will be addressed and subject to revision, editing and approval by the members of the CCCSPR.
            It is regarding this matter that the UAP would like to ask, seek and implore your kind, benevolent and just understanding and  good self, to hear our plea on matters of concern  that pertain to the HBs proposed amendments, which are being consolidated and prepared to be submitted for your review and approval. We ask that our concerns be heard and addressed with the goal to Harmonize both RA 544 Civil Engineering (CE) Law support and the RA 9266 Architecture Law as these laws have overlapping, encroaching and conflicting provisions .

            We support the Civil Engineers in their endeavor to update, upgrade, revise and improve the RA 544 with the proposed amendments that are being consolidated. However, with deep contemplative, review, perusal, and extensive discussion and analysis of the HBs proposed amendments, we would like submit Letter of Appeal and Position Paper on the said HB's  to your kind self for your perusal and consideration.

            Attached is our prayer that these matters of concern be incorporated in the Consolidated HB (CHB) to finally address and harmonize the RA 544 CE Law and RA 9266 Architecture Law and the professions that need to be united and working together. A true and lasting Professional cooperation, understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance and respect between the professionals should be promoted, cultivated and nurtured as the Design and Construction Industry needs both to work together to achieve greater heights. 

May we seek and ask for an audience with your good self to further explain our concerns and to ask for your kind understanding and support to put in our concerns in the Consolidated House Bill of the approved four (4) HBs 4071; 2200; 2797 and 4456.

            To be clear, let us reiterate that the UAP supports the Civil Engineers in their objectives to update, revise, upgrade and amend the RA 544 CE Law. We should work in harmony as only through a united collective effort can we truly progress in our pursuit of excellence in our chosen fields.

            Only with your kind understanding and support can this be made possible. May we rely on your fairness and just contemplative decision to integrate and add our concerns to the Consolidated House Bill that, after it passes the CCCSPR, will be scheduled and deliberated in its Second Reading at the Congress Plenary Hall.

            More power to you and your kind office, thank you.

Respectfully yours,

National President 
      United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)

Copy of UAP Recommendations to the Proposed Bill
Letter to the Civil Service and Professional Regulations_Attachment

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