Tuesday, 31 January 2012

UAP CCD Logo Design Contest Entries

Entry No. 1
My logo design concept is "Familiarity and Oneness". Using the UAP logo for visual familiarity and adding CCD as the new service offered by the organization. Therefore achieving UAP and CCD combined in singularity and harmony.
Colors were chosen, aside from the concept of familiarity, from its psychological effect. Red for determination and blue for professionalism thus when combined creates high impact to viewers

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Entry No. 2
The main concept of my logo proposal is the “stairs”. It symbolizes the stages or levels of development of an individual or an institution. For me as a graduate of Architecture, I know I have to go through some stages like trainings, experiences and massive amount of additional knowledge in order for me to have A higher potential to reach my career’s goal. The letters CCD forms the stairs and the tail of the “D” (2 vertical swoosh in blue and red pointing forward) serves as the “door of success”. The circles behind the CCD represent the light that leads to the stairs serving as a guide in every step. The title Center for Career Development placed above symbolizing the institution paramount goal. The United Architects of the Philippines is in the lower right to symbolize its support to CCD. Basically, I borrowed the colors and style/font of my logo proposal to the current logo of UAP not to pirate the UAP logo but to show the connection between the two. In this way, even just by seeing the logo of CCD without the UAP text, it can still be noticed easily its affiliation to the UAP.

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Entry No. 3
The logo design was inspired by the most sacred development known to man “ The process of fertilization”, a natural process of development involving one sperm cell uniting with one egg cell. Like the prime objective of UAP CCD which is to help future Architects develop their career to excel and become responsible professionals that will help provide humanity with beneficial designed environments.

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Entry No. 4

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Entry No. 5
The CCD logo Design reflects the image of a shell in motion. A shell that is about to open, representing the process of purifying what inside.

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Entry No. 6

Arrow represent all side of avenue for learning and development of Each Architects and
color red represent the eagerness of the department to help all architects for their carreer
development.Blue color represents sky because knowledge is infinite and we as a person
continually search and explore knowledge in our everyday life.

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Entry No. 7

Inspired by the image of the light bulb, the ubiquitous symbol for knowledge and idea, the logo is a composite graphic comprising  of the  UAP logo as the  firmament that inspires knowledge, the text of the Center for Career Development as the grounded spiral that holds the bulb of knowledge together, and the gradiated and measured lines symbolizing the practice, and the discipline and artistry that comes with it.

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Entry No. 8

"Big things are coming"

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Entry No. 9

CCD lightens your knowledge beyond imagination

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Entry No. 10

The Fusion of UAP and CCD

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Entry No. 11

Vision towards success...

Do you like entry no. 11 above for the UAP CCD logo?

Other Entries will be posted soon.
Winner will receive an Architecture Licensure Exam review scholarship from UAPCCD worth P15,500.00


  1. I like most entry 2! its unique and attractive! i go with design #2!!

  2. All were nice designs, it was hard to decide actually. bt i 2nd one is beat them all!

  3. who won in this contest? when will they announce the winner?


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