Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 2

1. What major component part functions to cool the condenser unit in a central airconditioning system?
a. chiller
b. air handling unit
c. fan and motor
d. cooling tower

2. What is the purpose of placing grout in between tiles?
a. for aesthetic
b. prevent the tiles from cracking in case of expansion the grout will be where the cracks would appear
c. marks the are to be chipped in case tiles will be replaced so as not to damage the other areas

3. The dome of the US capitol in washington DC was patterned from the dome of what renaissance masterpiece?
a. st. peter's basilica
b. florence cathedral
c. st. paul's cathedral
d. the tempietoo

4. What is the purpose for using a pebble wash finish with space in between?
a. prevent slipping
b. prevent creeping crack
c. prevent accumulation of dust
d. aesthetic only

5. Under BP 220, what is the minimum clear height of bathroom doors?
a. 1.80 m
b. 2.00 m
c. 1.71 m
d. 1.90 m

6. Which of the following is NOT an executive position at GOCC?
a. vice president
b. director
c. division chief
d.assistant vice president

7 . Your architectural team is designing a 3-storey hospital. Which fire suppression system is not integrated in the building?
a. Wet Standpipe
b. Dry Standpipe
c. Fire extinguisher
d. Sprinkler

8. Your architectural team is designing a 3-storey hospital. How many dry standpipes will be used?
a. 3
b. 2
c. 0
d. 1

9. A female GI threaded pipe reducer fitting use to connect a reducing branch from a main water distribution.
a. bell reducer
b. tee reducer
c. elbow reducer
d. coupling reducer

10. Maximum slump for slabs, beams, columns?
a. 100mm
b. 120mm
c. 200mm
d. 150mm

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