Monday, 10 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 11

1. What type of roofing material that is oven-baked & is waterproofed?
a. shingles
b. tegula
c. long span
d. clay roof tiles

2. What is the best type of glass to use in shower stall?
a. wired
b. etched
c. textured
d. tempered

3. For a recording studio, what types of flooring is to be used and why?
a. wood
c. ceramic

4. Which is a Green architecture material? and why?
a. wood
b. aluminum
c. steel

5. Used to connect G.I roof to steel purlins?
a. self tapping screw
b. roof nail
c. machine bolt
d. expansion bolt

6. As a Project Manager for a 3-Storey Residence, you were told by the owner than he would like a finish on his fence to still show the CHB. What would you tell your foreman/mason to tidy up?
a. Soleras
b. Kostilyahes
c. Palitada
d. Kostura

7. What is a good color of roof in tropical country? why?
a. Dark green to black
b. Light red
c. Light brown

8. It relies on clean lines, smooth and polished surfaces, and few intricate details. It is not stark and cold, but _____________ is comfortable and spacious, without clutter?
a) art deco
b) minimalist design
c) contemporary design
d) oriental interiors

9. A paint defect which indicates imperfect adhesion of paint to the surface, with the film getting stripped off in a relatively large pieces due to application on damp or greasy surface
a. peeling
b. bleeding
c. alligatoring
d. cracking

10. Which is a neutral colour among the choices?
a) violet
b) ivory
c) blue
d) green

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