Thursday, 6 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 3

1. Why rags should not be left beside the can of paints at a job site especially during night time when it is most likely to be unattended?
a. it will increase humidity
b. it might ignite a fire
c. it will absorb moisture and affect the paint
d. rags will be stolen when unattended

2. What is the most common alternative for plywood? It is made out of silica with binders and is highly weather resistant.
a. gypsum board
b. ficemboard
c. ceramic tile
d. asphalt board

3. What is not included in computation of reinforced concrete load?
a. floor finish
b. slab
c. beam
d. column

4. When a surface is uneven and cannot be totally flattened, what is the best paint to use to hide the uneven surface?
a. semi-gloss
b. glossy
c. eggshell
d. flat paint

5. What is the most common profile of a tile trim?
a. flat
b. square
c. quarter round
d. half round

6. Proposed the Latin-Cross Plan of St. Peter Rome
a. Domenico Fontana
b. Baldassare Peruzzi
c. Rapael
d. Bernini
e. Vignola

7. Which is NOT a part of a lightning arrester?
a. down conductor
b. transmitter
c. earthen material
d. lightning rod

8. Which among the following is a component of modular kitchen system?
a. splash board
b. marble counter top
c. laminated fiberboard
d. concealed hinges

9. What does slenderness ratio determine?
a. effective length
b. buckling
c. effective depth
d. maximum height of column

10. One of the world's greatest painter and the architect of distinction, he designed the Palazzo Pandolfini, Florence.
a. Michelangelo
b. Giulio Romano
c. Raphael Santi
d. Pirro Ligorio

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