Monday, 10 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 6

1. Which of the following is NOT an executive position in a GOCC?
a. vice president
b. director 
c. division chief
d.assistant vice president

2. A female GI threaded pipe reducer fitting use to connect a reducing branch from a main water distribution.
a. bell reducer
b. tee reducer
c. elbow reducer
d. coupling reducer

3. Maximum slump for slabs, beams, columns?
a. 100mm
b. 120mm
c. 200mm
d. 150mm

4. What is added to concrete to alter its properties?
a. admixtures

5. Pipe fitting to change one single direction (course) of the flow of water?
a. tee
b. Wye
c. cross tee
d. elbow

6. What is the ante-room to a larger apartment of a building called?
a. patio
b. vestibule
c. stall
d. portico

7. How many days prior to canceling an insurance be given to the owner stipulating the intention to cancel?
a.> 5 days
b.> 10 days
c.> 15 days
d.> 1 month

8. What is the smallest size of gutter?
a. 12"
b. 24"
c. 48"
d. None of the above

9. Pipe fitting to join 2 straight lengths of pipe?
a. coupling
b. nipple
c. tee
d. st. elbow

10. According to BP 344, the comfortable clearance for knee and leg space under tables for wheelchair users is?
a. 0.61 m.
b. 0.74 m.
c. 0.82 m.
d. 0.55 m.

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