Monday, 17 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 14

1. The French version of the German Jugendstil.
a. Le Moderne Style
b. Art Nouveau
c. Modernismo
d. De Stijl

2. There are modern ways of suppressing earthquakes in terms of building design and innovation. But the traditional Filipino architecture had long before discovered this in the design of their homes. What is the traditional Filipino technique that could withstand earthquakes in the Philippines?
a. putting of rosaries and religious artifacts beneath the foundation.
b. putting stones that serve as rollers beneath the foundation.
c. making use of sturdy and heavy trunks of wood for column foundation.
d. bamboo posts running through roof connected on central apex.

3. What is the raw/natural material that traditional Filipino architecture used as motifs in the design of their homes?
a. egg shells
b. capiz shells
c. mud bricks
d. hand-cut stones

4. What is the main cause of migration from rural to urban places/cities?
a. opportunities in the city is greater.
b. presence of educational, health and recreational facilities in cities
c. tired of agricultural life
d. chances of meeting moviestars in cities

5. What is the purpose for the Bahay Kubo’s silong?
a. ventilation and drying of clothes
b. protection against animals
c. protection against animals
d. all of the above

6. Which is the most expensive?
a. a 9-hole golf course
b. a ½-hectare park/playground
c. a cable hanging bridge
d. an Olympic size pool

7. Which is the least expensive?
a. a 10-hole golf course
b. a ½ hectare park/playground
c. a cable hanging bridge
d. a 1000-meter water feature

8. Which is the correct statement regarding airflow in a room entry/exit?
a. air entering a small opening has greater airflow over a large opening
b. air entering a large opening has greater airflow over a small opening
c. it’s the same
d. it doesn’t matter

9. Given a site on a hilltop, which would you provide?
a. 3-m canopy
b. 5-m eaves
c. 4-m balcony
d. sunbreakers and sunshades

10. What can enhance the quality, texture, tone of construction detail and materials in a house?
a. artificial light
b. daylight saving lamp
c. natural light
d. all of the above

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