Monday, 10 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 9

1. The toilet bathroom floor finish is designed to be at least one inch below the bedroom floor finish. What should be the vertical distance between the bedroom floor finish and the top line of the 2” x 6” yacal floor joists which carry the toilet bath floor system assuming that ¼” thick mosaic vitrified tiles will be used in the toilet bathroom on 4” RC slab with membrane waterproofing, using standard acceptable measurement of materials for residential houses.
a. 3 ½ inches 
b. 3 ¼ inches 
c. 6 ¼ inches 
d. 6 ¾ inches

2. Any pipe which conveys the discharge of water closet, urinal or fixtures having similar function, with or without the discharges from other fixtures to the building drain or building sewer.
a. Soil pipe
b. Waste pipe 
c. Building drain 
d. Building sewer

3. The maximum height and number of stories of every building shall be dependent upon the following: 
i.Character of occupancy --- iii. Environmental conditions --- ii.Type of construction --- iv. Capacity of public utility/service systems 
a. i, ii, iii 
b. i, iii, iv 
c. i, ii, iv 
d. i, ii, iii, iv

4. What is the height of the RC curtain wall surrounding a water tank located at the penthouse whose capacity is 5000 U.S. gallons. The diameter of the tank is 2.5 meters (I.D.) and freeboard of 0.30 meters. The wall shall be as high as the water tank. 
a. 4.00 meters 
b. 4.19 meters 
c. 4.16 meters 
d. 4.22 meters

5. Mr. Chua the owner of a 3 story luxurious house that was designed by you would like to have an additional 30.00 Sq. Mt. Detached greenhouse at the Rear side of the house.You were commissioned to do the project, do you need to secure building permit for the greenhouse?.
a. No, because it is part of the house contract.
b. Yes, because it exceeds the exempted area.
c. No, because greenhouse is exempted as per NBCP.
d. Yes, because it is Detached from the house.

6. What type of window is not recommended for high rise buildings??
a. hopper
b. pivoted
c. casement
d. awning

7. The location of a fire hose cabinet connected to a standpipe for buildings shall be at every floor level above the first floor at: 
a. storerooms
b. inside a mechanical/electrical room
c. a landing of an enclosed stairway 
d. at any private room or rentable space

8. It is the largest Doric Temple ever recorded in History?
a. The Great Temple of Ammon Karnak
b. Tempio di Giove Olimpico
c. Temple of Nike, Athens
d. The Great Temple of Abu-Simbel
e. Temple Run

9. He is often described as the most influential and the most copied architect of all time because of his works.,
a. Antonio Gaudi Y Cornet
b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Andrea Palladio
d. Frank Gehry
e. Leon Batista Alberti
f. Giacommo Baruzzi da Vignola

10. What do you call a column which is 4times larger than a normal column?
a. pedestal
b. planted column
c. pier
d. spiral column
e. rectangular column

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