Monday, 10 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 7

1. The level of subterranean water.
a. house drain
b. water well
c. underground canal

2. Who should be held accountable for the damage of the appliances?
a. the driver, if they can find him
b. meralco
c. the electrical engineer or electrician who installed the wiring
system in the house the manufacturer of the appliances

3. What is the disadvantage of using precast concrete beams?
a. larger beam dephts
b. overtime, the beams tend to lose anchorage
c. weak concrete

4. Threaded fitting to join 2 threaded fittings as close as possible but not exceeding 3".
a. nipple
b. union
c. coupling
d. none of the above

5. Maximum length of cul-de-sac under BP220?
a. 120 mt.
b. 50 mt.
c. 60 mt.
d. 100 mt.

6. if the contractor makes claim for additional money due to extra work caused by unforseen circumstances, the arch. must respond within: 
a. 5days
b. 7days
c. 10days
d. not until supporting data are submitted

7. Terms used for 2 pumps interconnected with each other?
a. gang
b. series
c. battery
d. duplex

8. Parts of lockset, which is not included?
a. strike
b. knob
c. escutcheon
d. lace

9. A house designed by its owner, Thomas Jefferson, referring to as example of Greek classical revival.
a. Monticello
b. Villa Rotunda
c. State House
d. the Capitol

10. Best materials for exterior walls?
a. plyboard
b. 25mm plywood
c. HDF
d. gypsum

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