Monday, 10 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 8

1. For Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities (AFSU) introduced, what is the primary priority?
a. Utilities, Amenities, Facilities, Services
b. Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities
c. Facilities, Amenities, Services and Utilities
d. Utilities, Services, Facilities and Amenities

2. Minimum end lapping for corrugated G.I roofing?(mm)
a. 300
b. 200
c. 250
d. 600

3. What type of joint is used to install a glass into a lite French window?
a. Dado
b. Rabbet
c. Tenon
d. Mortise

4. What is the color for Industrial in a Zoning Map?
a. Blue 
b. Violet 
c. Red 
d. Yellow

5. A mid-rise residential project of Mies van de Rohe was the? 
a. Lakeshore apartments
b. Seagram building
c. Serendra apartments
d. Seashore apartments

6. If the size of a concrete column on the ground floor is 1 mt. x 1 mt. What should be the size of the column on the 16th floor?
a. .90mt. X .90mt.
b. .60mt. X .60mt.
c. .30mt. X .30mt.
d. 1.20mt. X 1.20mt.

7. Using Eustyle intercolumniation which considered this by Vitruvius to be the best proportion, what will be the clear space between two columns of the temple?
a.) 2 x dia. of column
b.) 1 1/2 x dia. of column
c.) 2 1/4 x dia. of column
d.) 3 x dia. of column

8. The riser of a stair is 6 ½ inches. What is the run using formula R/T = tan (R-3) x 8 degrees 
a. 12.2247 inches 
b. 12.1000 inches 
c. 11.8975 inches 
d. 12. 1416 inches

9. It is the horizontal movement of a certain body or in a building the lateral movement of a particular floor because of too much exposure of the force hitting on it?
a. buckling
b. story drift
c. failure
d. settlement

10. Where will you start excavating if your project has 2- level basement and is located in a property surrounded by adjacent structure with one side accessible to a 12 meter wide Road?.
a. At the Front along the Road.
b. At the Center of the Property.
c. At the Rear Side of the Property.
d. At the Both Sides of the Property.

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