Thursday, 6 December 2012

ArkiBoard Tips 4

1. An Architect suggested to the client that a blank wall in one of the portion of the lobby be provided with a mural painting. The client agreed and asked the ARCHITECT to present a design for the mural painting. The Architect hired a popular painter to make the concept design. Who will pay for the services of the mural painter?
a. Architect
b. Already included in the fees of the architect
c. Client
d. To be decided by the arbitration

2. For a 3- storey building that is intended for a senior citizen center with limited budget and space, what is the most appropriate type of elevator?
a. hydraulic elevator
b. traction elevator
c. stretcher accessible
d. none 3-storey building does not need an elevator

3. Da Vignola built one of the most magnificent renaissance palace, recalling Hadrian's mausoleum in mass and outline, while the circular internal court suggest the Colosseum, Rome.
a. Capitol, Rome
b. Ducai Palace
c. Palazzo Farnese
d. Villa of Pope Julius, RM

4. What are advertising signs according to PD 1096?
a. signs perpendicular or at an angle from the wall surface
b. off-premise signs
c. signs parallel to the wall surface
d. panels for posting bills or posters

5. When fabricating sound insulation panels, which of the following methods will best produce a good insulating panel.
a. attached the absorbent material rigidly into the frame
b. attach the absorbent material to the frame so as to provide air space
c. attach the absorbent material rigidly along the sides while still providing air space

6. Which design elements could be used to lower the apparent height of a ceiling?
a. A dark , highly textured ceiling
b. Strong horizontal line on the walls
c. Fine-grained patterns on the ceiling and dark walls
d. A light ceiling and textured walls

7. It serves as a protection against extremes in temperature. A bank of earth is placed against one or more exterior walls of a building.
a. drum wall
b. berm
c. sun control
d. trombe wall

8. What is not a rule of thumb in designing a drainage?
a. as much as possible pipes must run in straight line
b. underground drainage line should be on top of compacted soil
c. it should be underneath the driveway

9. Assuming the site will be on adobe soil, what foundation will you use?
a. Bored File
b. Sheet File
c. Isolated Footing
d. Footing With Tie Beam

10. Which type of glass will you recommend if you want to keep the heat away from the inside of the structure?
a. double glazed with suspended film and low-emissivity?
b. single glass
c. triple insulating glass
d. double glazed glass with 1/4 inch airspace
e. both a and d

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